SURYA-50 HV Vers.9.0

SURYA-50 HV Vers.9.0


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ASHAPOWER® SURYA- 50 HV Solar MPPT Charge Controller can be used for charging 12V and 24V batteries. The device detects and configures the battery bank automatically. It supports all types of solar panels(12V/24V) available in the market like Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Mono PERC or Half-Cut Mono PERC, etc. The high PV panel input Voc range will help you to connect more panels in series to make the installation easy and flexible. SURYA- 50 HV is loaded with all unique features available on ASHAPOWER® Solar MPPT Charge Controllers like Initial Limited Ampere Charging, True 4 Stage Smart Charging (Bulk- Absorption- Float- Equalization), etc. It is supported for batteries like Lead-acid, VRLA, Gel type, and Lithium battery with good BMS and Active Balancer.

Key Features

  • Compatible for 12V/24V battery bank
  • Auto-detection and self setting of battery bank
  • 4 stage smart charging for prolonged battery life (Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalization)
  • Programmable Initial limited ampere battery charging facility
  • Ultra-fast & efficient power point tracking (98.9%)
  • dsPIC33EP family micro controller based device
  • PV panel reverse polarity protection
  • Automatic disconnection of PV panels at night
  • Over voltage and overload protection from PV panels
  • Protection for battery against hardware failures
  • 17 menu user programmable function settings and in built settings keys
  • Grid power control to the connected inverter (SMU-Solar Management Unit)
  • Forced grid to solar shifting facility
  • Multifunction status display



Nominal Battery Voltage12V/24 V (Self Setting)
Maximum Tracking Efficiency98.9%
Maximum Charging Current50A
Standby Power Consumption<1.5W


Display2 x 16 LCD
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)320x149x102
ConnectorInput/Output Terminal block
Net Weight (Kgs)2.75


Max PV Array Watts Applicable12V-1000Wp/ 24V-1600Wp
Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)12V-120Voc / 24V-165Voc


Overload ProtectionYES
Panel Reverse Polarity ProtectionYES
Over Charge ProtectionYES
Battery Reverse Polarity ProtectionOPTIONAL


SURYA-50 HV AP Vers. 9.0

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